Hand made and hand painted collectable toy soldiers and collectable figures

Welcome to the Toy Soldier Workshop

The Toy Soldier Workshop - handmade military and historical characters, brightly painted and individually finished

Situated at the foot of the South Downs in Washington, West Sussex the Toy Soldiers were originally designed at the workshop for the younger child to garrison their toy castle on the playroom floor

However, for the child of another generation they might stand guard and adorn the office, mantelpiece or windowsill as collectable characters from our past

The range of toy soldiers is growing all the time

Here are our lines so far:-

44th Regiment 1815

NEW for 2018:-


Special Orders:

If its not already done just ask us and we will see if we can make one for you. These are some of the special orders that have already been done for customers

The soldiers are all a unique, fun and colourful way to show off and celebrate our historical past

Many of the troops have their own weapons such as a bow and quiver of arrows for the archers and muskets for the rank and file

Each figure is made from 6mm MDF and stands approximately 6 inches (15cm) high and is painted with gloss enamel paint. Figures without weapons conform to BS 5665. All are painted on the front face and sides only. The weapons are meant for display only and are not suitable for children

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